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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. toys were take an way and how the prison is responding after what one sergeant did. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, you are taking a live look at san lore represents do where -- lorenzo where there is a massive police presence. we do know the streets are blocked off and police are there on scene as it continues to unfold and we will tell you what is next coming up in a live report. i am claudine wong in for pam cook. >> merry christmas, i am dave clark. we have rosemary orozco. we have bragging rights and once again temperatures are back in the lower 70s and with that said we have another spare
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the air tie and the index reached not just one shade where people are talking about illnesses but everybody needs to limit exercises or bike riding because the weather will feel pretty good as we get into your christmas holiday. temperatures are cooling and there is a little bit of wind in the hills and they are blowing anywhere from 30 to 35 miles per hour and they will actually peek and then they will begin to subside. 38 for -- 35 in walnut creek, an we have an offshore breeze continuing to blow. upper 60s in santa rosa 70s in san rafael. glenn you are looking at 70s as
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well as berkeley into -- berkeley into the south bay. and 72 in santa cruz and you can see a few more records because of this record warmth and i will have a look at your extended forecast coming up. we are calling it developing news for you in the east bay. police have shut down part of a street, tara moriarty is live on the scene this morning, what can you tell us? well we know there appear to be some family members and we are trying to get information and we are here on the corner of via lukes and we don't know exactly what that is right now. we figure that some sort of tragedy took place at the home on via a ming go. >> we saw a spanish speaking deputy come out and talk to the
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group here who has been very quiet. he can see deputies coming in and out of the house. they are going to be holding a press conference and they will provide information and it will not be for another four hours. we learned that the fire department came on a medical call but we have no details beyond that. we will keep trying to figure out exactly what happened here and we will bring you the latest as it develops. ktvu channel 2 morning news. 503, we are following developing news, san jose police are following information and this investigation could affect train service later today, janine? yes, it could, i want to tell you what is happening. >> reporter: the coroner arrived at the scene at 87 and
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court and you can see police are watching over the scene. we have learned from the lieutenant that the victim in this incident was an adult female. let's go to some video we took earlier. the train was headed back to the yard and they looked for somebody walking with dark clothing and sounded the horn. office ters spent early morning here investigating and they tell us the victim was struck 200 yards from the station. the tracks run in the middle of highway 87 and it is unknown if the victim was purposely trying to get hit. here is what a spokesperson told us just a short time ago. >> any timing is like this happens, it is always a tragedy from the victim. and we do encourage people when
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they are on our platforms to be aware of the surroundings and to cross dig nateed -- designated areas and not to walk on the tracks, it is  dangerous. it begins at 5:00 a.m. and begins because it is christmas. because the coroner is still there, they are still collecting the remains and what they are going to do is they are going to run a bus bridge in between so that once they tthe passengers get off the train they will take a bus. they will run that bus bridge in between the station and the and the other station. they do expect traffic to be light. ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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it broke out just after midnight on the 1100 block in the mission district. this shows just how intense those flames got and you can see what happened on the side of that pulling. furious were able to contain the fire and investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. and we have new information about a deadly stabbing in santa rosa. it happened near third and east streets. a 26-year-old man was seen with blood on his hands and clothes, he admitted to the stabbing and was a or west rested -- was was arrested. they are looking into whether to keep a young girl on life support. she suffered serious
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complications after having surgery and unless an appeals court interconvenience, the hospital does not have to keep her on life support. >> we still have her until the 30th so that gives us about a week for a chance of a miracle and there is still hope for us. >> her family has not decided if she should be moved but they are thinking about moving had he ever to high security. dozens of cars crashed near cleveland ohio and nobody was seriously hurt. and a storm left 200,000 people in toronto without power. they may be trying to restore the image of the controversial mayor. >> we will tie sheer every day until every light is back on in
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the city. >> the mayor talked about handling the storm and there were public missteps starting with his admission that he had smoked crack cocaine. and if you have plans for the california coast, the national weather service a long tomorrow? map counties f toes waves have been out of town and from some out of towners, this warning will have to continue until friday afternoon. not even christmas day is spared by the spare the air alert and that's a big disappointment who were hoping to relax in front of a roaring fire. the district am says we have
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got a brown haze hanging over the area and burning wood makes up about a third of pollution in the air. >> if you think about how much it impacts everybody in that room and wood fires are wonderful. >> you are cold and you want to start your fire and sit down and watch television and then you see on the news, oh, another spare the air day tomorrow. and the official temperatures especially in the north no companies getting burp any time soon. and at glide memorial church, they are getting ready to serve 500 meals. this helps with some of those waiting for details.
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i was ones a a resident and and they can't tell me to get my life together, this is prime rib lunch tone senated pie the 18 18th t, term holiday donation and they were collecting food and tonight testimony and the fight for hunger bowl will help to serve about 4,000 meals. hundreds of volunteers will deliver 36 in need and seniors who live alone. and san francisco firefighters will pass out needy toys to children.
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it was collected from lefty's annual toy drive which ended at 2:00 a.m. last night and as of 10:00 last night more than 11,000 were collected and what when he came we were like where did you and they must start handing them out pie 8:00 a.m. this morning. organizationers of the annual chips for kids toy drive says people in napa and sonoma counties were especially general generous with their donations this ear. one family received toys and a christmas tree. and they say the toys toys for children are being taken away
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by a visiting employee. every year san quentin collects toys as they leave the visiting room. this year a sergeant decided they can only fit two and that was where a sergeant took toys away from children and a spokesperson said toys were taken away from children who were given too many. and what places in candle stick park will actually improve the neighborhood. >> plus he didn't loose their number and they took a more tropical way of traveling. and this is well above the season until average and it is a chilly start to the day and
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it is breezy for for some coming up.
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. well santa claus has safe live wrapped up another marathon. norad is tracking santa claus throughout his journey. they used the heat from rudolph's nose to pinpoint the exact location of santa's
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sleigh and rain tears. he was in hawaii about two hours ago. santa hit the water in maryland and found a little competition and took part in a water skiing event. who knew he could water ski at the event. he have is hope willing to do that and they also joined in on that show. and now for a trip to hawaii, they went for a more traditional way to travel. and he paddled right up on a beach in honolulu and families came to watch and cheer santa. >> and his red coat what the and a special santa. >> way to go dude. time now 5:16. he can finally take a break
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before the rush starts all over again tomorrow. christmas eve brought a lot of shoppers into stores as quickly as 10:00 and they were buying just one or two more gifts but others ad mitt they still have a lot of shopping to do. >> i have been working and this is a chance to show i have gotten my boyfriend's parents and everybody in my family. >> some shoppers like dave clark said they like the last minute gift buying. they often find them where they wouldn't find anybody else. in a statement on this website, they said some ship thes will be -- shipments will be delayed. packageels that didn't make it on time will probably be delivered tomorrow. some after christmas sales
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actually started late last night. of course the after christmas sales, they expect the discounts will be on clothing and holiday decorations. macy's doors will be open at 6:00 a.m. and home depot also starts business at that hour. old navy, they all open at 7:00 tomorrow morning and apple and toys ra? i will be here but i need a a break. i just want to open the presents, i don't want to shop for them. >> i hear you claudine wong. merry christmas to you. couldn't glad layings for your
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gifts and temperatures perhaps each practicing a record put it is another spare the air day and it comes within holiday music. it starts at 6:00 a.m. most tis the calm conditions in most cases. where i am seeing the wind, east bay hills over parts of the bay hills gusting to up near 40 miles per hour. i think they are peeking this morning and i think they will die down and it is just adding to the dryness. we to have it before and it was gusting to 25 miles per hour and it is driving the temperatures and it is doing it again and that's the warm spot on this map. look at fairfield, 32 fairfield and 32 after moon bay, 43 in
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half-moon pay and in napa 3 the tee -- 39 degrees and once again, a few 70s dash #0s this afternoon. 68 passive can and if you are thinking about heading to the beach, think about it and watch the little ones. and we can maybe did above the and it above a standing record. oakland you may break that record if you warm to 2 degrees downtown and we will have to wait until that all shakes out. and notice temperatures are changing very little and we see just a cool down thursday and
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friday. a system is not like us and as we get into the weekend we will have dry and mild conditions back to the desk. one bank executive said the hackers managed to feel encrypted information from debit card. they are making fraudulent withdrawals from bank with faults are -- withdrawals. the new record high he is cross for the s&p 500 and dow jones industrial average and nasdaq. markets are closed for the day. interesting story about mcdonalds and fast foods and some unusual advice which is aimed at mcdonald's employees.
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and every year this brings thousands from around the a bay area and beyond. we all have our little tricks.
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and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. . labels are saying made in america and they have to meet a higher standard then some of the products in the states. now it does not have to be made
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of components made in another country and in the other 49 states, lawyers say all or virtually all components are made in the u.s. but california is considering reducing the standards and to are not available in the u.s. to be included. california student are much better than they were three years ago and proposition 30 is helping to rebuild programs that were cut. he says california is now focusing on implementing standardized test thes. right here there is a pay area that evidence since that time they have transformed to a winter wonderland. chris takes us you don't thompson avenue also known as
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christmas lane. [ music ] . it is so christmassy. >> those look great don't they room thank you for being being christmas. it is so much like christmas on this street, it is awesome. [ music ] >> i have been living on this
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street since 2001, we just know when to carry on that from tradition. breaking news i have been coming here every year, ever house is different. . it is really just little kids coming by and that's just like this street and what christmas is all about. >> love those christmas lights. but you can watch our complete holiday and focus special and you can also watch on tv 36. >> i am watching.
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>> our photojournalist is very talented. in a money driven world, there is a resident strand -- restaurant owners are allowing customers to pay what they can and why they are doing it. and we had a tragic didn't with the people and what they are saying right now. all from the cost and and i will let you know how warm we will be for the afternoon coming up.
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. the time is 5:30 good morning, merry christmas. these are live pictures, we are in san jose believe it or not, a train hit and killed a pedestrian right out from and we will have much more coming up in a live report. merry christmas i am dave clark. >> pam cook has the day off and merry christmas to rosemary orozco who is dishing up another great forecast. it is hard to both of about
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the nice weather but in the santa clara valley, it is for the when what we have now when it is in the shade of orange, we are talking about the possibility of a problem and when you get into the red you are talking everybody. so you may want to keep that act -- activity. we will be this right around 7:22 depending often where you live and in fairfield, this is one of the colder spots and you are looking at freezing conditions outside your door and hopefully they have nowhere to go. 40s around the bay, 40l1sl0 a long half-moon bay, it is 'often shore president driving
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that temperature. the winds are gust being but right here where we reside, we are looking at our chilliest, petaluma what for shift if the after the pay and we are looking at 52 degrees outside of your door. 66 in antioch, 67 in cop cord, 67 for napa san francisco and upper 60s for mound endanger view, 70 -- mountain view and we could tie or break a record or two and i will have a comparison of those records and i will have more coming up in together. you towed us this 430278
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testimony and alameda sheriff's deputies are blocking off the count ters, already she is out there and she will bring you more information about a deadly late night stab being which happened 10:30 outside the public library near third and east streets. a man was seen nearby, he had blood on his hand and clothing he was arrested. and we don't know the name of the building. a pedestrian was killed by a train and janine de la vega joins us from san jose from
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service. >> reporter: passengers are not allowed to board any trains here because the coroner is collecting the remains of a woman who was hit here. buses will be at the other station to collect passengers and drive them to the next station so they surpass it light rail hid and killed an adult woman who was walking in front of it on the tracks. the train operator sated weigh was barning but could not stop. police spent the early morning hours investigating this incident. >> we do take the operators
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through some or things in place, the operator was upset so... >> at this point testimony. >> and they say this is a possibility, they may never find out if she bass purposely trying to and they say their hearts go out to relatives of much woman and traffic is expected to be and they are pest and everything at a standstill and again buses will will be in case you over the next half hour or so. reporting live janine de la
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vega, by bed tall ited surgeon groups. they are claiming responsibility for a christmas attack in kabul. two rockets landed shortly before dawn. it sent hundreds of americans diplomats and workers scrambling into bunkers. they did announce two rounds put it in the city and this happened wheel they were still searching the owner of a pit bull that attacked firefighters and police officers and a grandfather and grandson before the police shot and killed them. the dog bit the child's hand and when the police officer
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approached with a baton, the pit bull grab the baton and pulled it away. then poll officers shot and killed it, and the investigation continues. they have arrested two people suspected with a street race which ends with the cars smashing into a house. it happened near piedmont road and one was clipped by a third car and one of the cars spun out of control. how do you manage, it is due to kids being out here getting busy. that is what they do. there is no respect for nothing. >> police say one person inside one of the cars was treated at
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hospital with my your internal revenue service oop and they hope surveillance video will happen are help them and this happened at the great parking lot in roaner park. the victim bass robbed and the cass scene know did not control and some patrons said they still are working the area. and the sheriff's office has had to add one more deputy because of the number of calls for service. >> you can hear the fears when
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that guy entered the building. >> whispering. >> this are on or bay too -- they had complained about a botched procedure and he committed suicide in 2010. making sure a family burned 0 out of their home will still be able to celebrate christmas. >> merry christmas. this now are now staying at a relative's home they are proud a whom toys and they have 9 more visiting from out of town. >> sometimes kids don't
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understand and i think in 0 tonight to help them they were inside the house when the fire started and they escaped unharmed. >> just after the regular season when time, he wanted to visit is the response and they can remove their plopping am there. some people who live nearby are looking forward to knew development. anything is good in this area. well, that development is expected to look like them, and
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you can keep sending us your candle stick. farewell candle stick. and in canada, a big storm is making life miserable for a lot of people, why a shot continued electronics moves into a horrible day. and this morning we are often to a cool terrible or we have another spare the air apartment alert, more on those stories and temperatures coming up. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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. well this morning the pope delivered his first christmas message from the vatican. thousands gathered for his speech and blessing over locking the square. in his message he called on people from all around the world to be peace makers. the church is on the site where jesus was born. the top area quotes justice for the palestinians. and same sames get -- same- sex marriage get another legal victory in utah, they asked for a stay while the case goes through at peels. earl federal judge passed down the law struck down banning gay
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marriageels and same sex couples followed pie south after 26 years -- utah after 26 years of marriage. they say they regret their marriage is over. he stood behind as governor and she was not on the campaign trail when he ran for new york city trailer. there are no prices on the menu and customers at the seeds community cafe, you can order whatever you want and pay whatever you can afford. many are working for their
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meals and this is organic come bound. >> thatthat is a gift and people are grateful for that and they love the fact that they can order anythings to the memory. well, if there is an "x" f 4 and it sold out at most stores and and they are trying to leave nintendo's wee in the dust. the health end psych low speed why tells workers not to use high fat food because it can
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lead to obesity. finally it says they should consider a raw ventable tie diets and students about this employee it is and yes, a chilly start. most of our communities are to the north and santa rosa and they are all reporting temperatures cooler than where we were yesterday and i expect patchy fog for inland community around the bay to upper 40s. we do have haze city skies once again and temperatures are showing another spare the air day so it is illegal to burn
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wide and indicates low 60 for some of us. unfortunately we will not see any rain and although, it had help and in santa rosa 34 and 48 in san francisco, 45 in oakland right now and a chilly start for you concord and as we get into the second half of the day, low-to-mid 60s for another niece one, it will set before because of the inland temperatures 46 flap a, upper 60s for hayward maybe to play in the sand and there is an
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advisory there in the afternoon all the way down to the coast line for the stuff because of you and we may actually beat these. if you want to tie it, it will break the record of 67 and san jose could tie a record. kentfield you may actually pete the record and 15 so for tax it could last until friday and a possibility a dash toes am a -- popsability. a judge has ruled but what is next for the family. will they allow the 13-year-old to temporarily remain on life
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support after being declared brain dead or will her family have to give up. >> and a thief has a change of heart. we will exchange. explain. good. good answer.
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